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    A:Your turntable drive belt can be found attached under the platter, wrapped around the inner ring.
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    1. To start recording, the mode must be switched to “Phono” mode.
    2. Make sure you have formatted your usb flash drive as FAT or FAT32 (Not support NTFS).
    3. Make sure your usb drive capacity is smaller than 16GB (do not support 32 GB).
    4. Press twice record button if the first recording fail.
    5. To stop the recording , you have to Press “Stop” Button let TR09 write down the mp3 file to your storage.
    6. If it not works for you, try change another USB flash drive to see if it works
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    1. For Windows users, please visit the download site
    2. For Mac Users , please visit the download site
    3. For Linux Users ,please visit the download site
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    Don’t panic, this feature is actually designed for save power of keyboard.

    The correct procedure of using this keyboard :

    1. Turn the power on, pressing the power button for 2-3 seconds, until the power indicator lights on as BLUE color. After that the light goes out, but the keyboard is still power on.
    2. Pair your device to keyboard. Hold power button for 1-2 seconds, see the Bluetooth indicator flashing for a few seconds, then goes out. It means the keyboard is ready to pair.
    3. Charging the keyboard. Connect the cable to the MicroUSB socket, the power light on as RED color, it will turn off when the keyboard fully charged.