Drivers and Manuals

Bluetooth Hands-free Car Kit 2.1A Charging Port

M-Droplet USB Hub Docking Station Driver

HAMILTON 3-Port USB 3.0 Hub with Gigabit LAN Driver

  1. macOS system usually does not need driver for this model. (For some version which found difficult to recognize it, please download macOS Driver)
  2. Windows 8 driver.
  3. Windows 7 driver.
  4. Windows XP driver.
  5. Windows Vista driver.

M-Sleek Docking Station Driver

Portable WiFi TV for Android and iOS devices

USB Hubs Drivers and Manuals

  1. Firmware update instruction (USB-M43HUB).

This Firmware tool only available for Windows 7 user. New purchase after 2015 will not need to be updated.

FM Transmitters and Bluetooth H/F Car Kit Manuals

  1. Manual download (FM-172AB)
  2. Manual download (FM-188AB)
  3. Manual download (FM-190)
  4. Manual download (MBT-200)

DAB Radios Manuals

  1. Manual download (DAB01W)Green LCD Display
  2. Manual download (DAB01W-V2) Blue LCD Display
  3. Manual download -(DAB02K)
  4. Firmware 3.1 Update -(DAB02K)

Portable Scanner Manuals and Drivers

  1. Manual download -(USB-FSP01)
  2. Disk contents download -(USB-FSP01)

Solar Charger Manual

  1. Manual download -(MSPC-01)

Portable Speakers Manuals

USB Datalink Cable for Win&Mac Driver

  1. Win98SE driver download -(USB-DLC01B)