Drivers and Manuals

Bluetooth Hands-free Car Kit 2.1A Charging Port

M-Droplet USB Hub Docking Station Driver

HAMILTON 3-Port USB 3.0 Hub with Gigabit LAN Driver

M-Sleek Docking Station Driver

Portable WiFi TV for Android and iOS devices

USB Hubs Drivers and Manuals

  1. Firmware update instruction (USB-M43HUB).

This Firmware tool only available for Windows 7 user. New purchase after 2015 will not need to be updated.

FM Transmitters and Bluetooth H/F Car Kit Manuals

  1. Manual download (FM-172AB)
  2. Manual download (FM-188AB)
  3. Manual download (FM-190)
  4. Manual download (MBT-200)

DAB Radios Manuals

  1. Manual download (DAB01W)Green LCD Display
  2. Manual download (DAB01W-V2) Blue LCD Display
  3. Manual download -(DAB02K)
  4. Firmware 3.1 Update -(DAB02K)

Portable Scanner Manuals and Drivers

  1. Manual download -(USB-FSP01)
  2. Disk contents download -(USB-FSP01)

Solar Charger Manual

  1. Manual download -(MSPC-01)

Portable Speakers Manuals

USB Datalink Cable for Win&Mac Driver

  1. Win98SE driver download -(USB-DLC01B)